Bob Rector
This young couple had to interrupt filming twice to rush back to their apartment and get undressed. What's with that?

This film was shot on one unusually hot day at Chastain Park in Atlanta. Because of the sweat stains appearing on clothing (look close and you'll see them), we had to stop a couple of times and go to their apartment to cool down while clothes were thrown in the dryer. Then we started shooting again.

The stars of this film were a married couple who were not only my neighbors but I worked with the guy in the Lord & Taylor stock room at Phipps Plaza before I started on The Now Explosion. This was always one of my favorite pieces; a simple, strong visual metaphor well executed, I think. It was exhausting for the couple, who spent most of the day running back and forth on the baseball field in the oppressive heat. They never complained and were always ready to do “one more take.” A very long day but it paid off.

I used this couple, together and separately, in several films for The Now Explosion. As can be seen, they both were very attractive and appealing with lots of personality. They later opened a graphic arts shop and designed the original artwork and posters for my play Letters From the Front (https://lettersfromthefronttheater.wordpress.com/). This was the last film I made in Atlanta before we moved the show to Ft. Lauderdale.